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Tidings and Tinsel aims to deliver a rich and live musical experience. These Christian-backed concerts aim to spread the love and cheer of Christmas to all people. It is a family-friendly events that cater to all who attend physically and virtually and seek to celebrate the community and people of Winnipeg through music, art and positivity. The concert is guided by our Christian values that enable exciting, wholesome and responsible fun while inspiring a positive change in the participants.

Tuning in to Tidings and Tinsel 21’ was definitely the best way to spend the Christmas season. The top notch talent of the instrumentalists and the singers was mind blowing. Months later, I still find myself replaying the video on YouTube. It wasn’t just a concert, I’m sure it kindled something in the life of every viewer across the world. I was also privileged to volunteer as the multimedia specialist which gave me the opportunity to rub minds with amazing professionals across the city. We definitely need more of this!